How I’m Going to be Dillegent

Diligence is a key part of producing quality work, and there are several steps that should be taken in order to assure that what you are working is being made with genuine effort and care. These are some of the steps I took when working on a side project in JAVA for a friend. Double check your work, it is important to look through and see if there are parts of a project you can improve or optimize so that there are no errors or inefficient parts to a project, this was the case when I was designing a number generator, and found it was more practical to use batch to handle the exit function than to painstakingly implement it into the program itself. Document your work recording what certain parts of a program do is absolutely mandatory when working on code in a team or even by yourself, what might have made sense at one point could seem like complete gibberish the next day so it s critical you clearly record what your functions are doing and why, this is very helpful to make sure code is used utilized correctly in order to prevent what could become a lot of frustrating debugging later on. By applying some extra care in your work even in small ways can greatly help save time and work on a project and can greatly improve the end results.


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