Fear and My Experience with it

Fear is an essential part of all humans in order survive and everyone has experienced fear several times throughout day to day life and while many people may find fear in different places and things than others and respond to it in different ways everyone understands what it is. In my case fear tends to build the pressure of deadlines which I am constantly working to appease and this work does not seem to ever have an end at any point in time and the closer you get to said the more worried and apprehensive you become about getting your work done in time. That has been my experience this past week now that evaluations are currently taking place, and several things have now become due all at one time which places quite a bit of stress, on me and I have been franticly rushing to get as much done in as little time as possible for fear of what my grade will be if I don’t finish in time. Fear has motivated me to increase my work output greatly but has also caused a lot of stress and panic if I start to have problems working on a task. Ultimately while fear is extremely unpleasant it can be helpful when you need to pick up the pace on project and enables people to get a lot more done than they could without it.


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