Service is a work skill that is important in order to be productive in a team when working on a project or when accounting for your customer/client. It’s important to work hard and find some way to contribute even if it’s in a small way. Contributing is very important when your working on a big project in a team no one can do the entire thing on their own and it’s important to help in order to make sure the project is going to meet the deadline on time as planned. Service is also important when working with clients and customers in order to make sure they are satisfied with your product and, know how to use your product correctly. This is important since it can influence whether or not a customer will use your services again or recommend it to others which is critical for a business to thrive since customers are an essential part of any company and the primary source of revenue. To conclude service while it may have several different forms is vital to a business in many ways and can be a very important factor when consumers are looking to purchase a product or hire someone for something they need done that they can’t or don’t want to do.


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