Things I’m Grateful for.

Since thanksgiving is around the corner it’s a pretty befitting time to begin thinking about what I’m grateful for during this season, and strongly appreciate. I’m grateful for getting to work with FRC team 2359 as a programmer for 3 years now and the new opportunities presented by First in engineering along with all the new friends I made while in the team. I appreciate the professional opportunities brought forth by Francis Tuttle and their web design and development program for making coding as a professional a far more feasible goal by helping me with certification and learning web languages much faster than at home, and raising my awareness to several ideas, and technologies that could be used for many different things. I also appreciate that I only have a couple of years of high school left so I will be able to begin looking for work in order to begin developing experience in whatever field I may choose. There are several things I could discuss, but these were some of the more important ones that came to mind in the current year. While it has been a bit of a hectic year I have enjoyed quite a bit overall thanks to the opportunities from team 2359 and Francis Tuttle.


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