Be Merry for the Holiday Break

December is major point in time for the holidays, and with most holidays comes a nice long break from work or school which is why it’s a good time to be merry since everyone can take it easy for a little while. The break provides a nice opportunity to relax or unwind from the stress filled year that tends to ensue from education work or even both. It’s also a good opportunity to reflect upon the year and see what could be improved in order to make the next year more merry than the last. It’s important to have a long break once in a while in order to ensure that you will be able to stay productive and, work hard otherwise if your stressed or tired and it’s preventing you from thinking clearly, your work will likely decline in quality. Staying merry is also important when working in a team since people don’t really like to work with someone who is always in a bad mood so it’s important to be positive in order to work with a team effectively and produce the best work possible. Staying merry is also helpful when working with projects that require a lot of time or patience since being upbeat will help increase your work stamina when dealing with bugs and other technical issues. It’s very helpful to be merry in order to produce quality work both alone and in a team and when working with slow going issues and many other cases not discussed here.


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