Staying Purposeful

Creating meaningful work with a purpose in mind is important in order to stop a project from being derailed and, establishing a clear set of goals. A well-defined purpose is also important for individuals in order to have a focused goal they can work towards and have a sense of direction, it’s also very helpful when trying to stay motivated. Losing direction or having an unclear end goal can be very destructive to the quality of work by trying to do to many things at one time even when it’s completely unneeded. Extra features in a program for example should not be a large focus until the core goals of the program are met and done well. A poorly organized project in that instance can get very buggy and suffer a very wide assortment of problems it is made with an unclear purpose. The amount of time lost from not having a clear purpose can be costly for the company that hired you, the project’s success and, the time lost fixing issues caused by not having a clear purpose in mind. A clear purpose helps the individual stay motivated, keep a task or project focused, and as a result improve the overall quality of the end product.


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