Taking Responsibility

Being able to take responsibility for one’s mistakes is a key skill for both being an adult and a good co-worker, and can be one of the most important skills to have as an employee. Being able to own up to a mistake goes a long way when working with others in order to quickly resolve conflicts among others and move on to other goals in order to not get stuck on a single issue. This also extends beyond work and into an individuals personal life especially when trying to resolve conflict with friends and family. Responsibility is also important to employers they’re going to want employees who can be held accountable for their work and, handle tasks in a reasonable way. Preferably to not end up frantically rushing their work in order to meet a deadline on time or, having to delay a project over and over again. To summarize, being responsible is important when resolving conflicts with co-workers, owning up to mistakes, keeping a project on the right track, getting along with others, and for employers when selecting possible new employees to hire for a company. A lack of accountability can be very problematic and could easily derail many tasks and as such is very important to have.


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