Ethics and How it Applies to Web Developers

Ethics have been a big issue for the internet in recent years especially when dealing with anonymity on the web and the tracking of user data all the way from the web page itself to your ISP and even government surveillance. Tracking user data and how to do so in a reasonable and secure way or whether or not its ethical at all for the site to do so is often a challenge for web developers. User data can be a very powerful utility for making a well designed site that can correctly guide the users attention to the content they want but, can create issues with user trust. Handling advertisements in an ethical way can also create issues for websites in many ways. Ads tend to play a key role in being the primary source of revenue for a web page but can also be a problem if the site uses ads from providers that are either too aggressive about putting ads on the page or are known to have ads that are actually malware in disguise. Web developers have the difficult task of making sure the ads are safe and don’t forcefully overtake content along with how ad blockers should be handled. To summarize web developers must pay attention to several issues if they plan to use ads or track user data and make sure they stay within ethical limits to keep the user safe and not hurt the site’s reputation.


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