Being Forward

Being forward about issues is a very beneficial skill to have when working with others, and allows problems in web and software projects to be addressed faster. Not discussing or putting off fixing non-fatal bugs in a site or program will result in issues piling and getting far more painful to deal with than if they were handled immediately and not allowed to pile up to a point where they’re almost unmanageable. This can also be applied to places other than the project itself such as dealing with parts of a workflow that are inefficient and improving those areas in order to be more productive and get work done at a faster pace instead of being harshly slowed down due to one particular task or, waiting for something or, someone to finish handling a task before continuing onward even small slowdowns can build into a lot of lost time that could be spent resolving other problems. To summarize being forward about issues helps improve work by making a project more manageable and stopping issues from piling and not allowing smaller problems to cumulatively slow down productivity which can gradually build up into a lot of lost time and could be put to good use.


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