The Benefits of a Good Sense of Humor

Having a sense of humor even when things aren’t quite working as planned can be quite beneficial when trying to stay positive or becoming acquainted with new people in just about any setting which can help lighten the mood especially during a particularly frustrating project. Humor can be beneficial to use in many situation like when giving a presentation to help lighten the mood and grab the attention of the listeners and keep them engaged on the topic. Introductions can also be made a bit easier with humor (when used appropriately) to help lighten the mood and make others a bit more comfortable around people they have only just met. The same methods can also be used to keep morale high when working on a difficult project, working under frustrating pretenses or sometimes both this can be important when trying to make sure your team stays positive and prevent frustration from impeding productivity. While humor is a helpful way to make socializing easier if used incorrectly can do the opposite of the intended goal and irritate co-workers leading to things being made worse instead of better. To conclude using humor correctly can help with several kinds of social situations to make things go smoother or keep others positive but, can cause issues when used incorrectly or poorly executed.


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