Be Excited

Being Excited for a project can drastically alter the quality of your work for the better and make working on the project a much more enjoyable experience, rather than dreading it and having to painstakingly working through the day, begging for it to end just a little early and, trying to avoid the more difficult tasks like the plague. Enjoying a task also makes it a lot easier to work through issues and resolve them effectively and, it motivates people to make a high quality product rather than rushing something out the door and suffering in the long run for putting off a task and addressing it at a later date. Enjoying your work can also help make working in a team easier by becoming easier to work with and more friendly to others, this can also rub off onto other coworkers as well giving them a bit of optimism. Enjoying a project can also make deadlines a less stressful problem but they should not be neglected or they will turn into a stressful issue. Overall being excited and enthusiastic about a project makes the work go by faster, more pleasant, easier to collaborate on and motivates attention to detail and good quality in the end result.


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