Job Shadowing a Web Designer

Yesterday I got to job shadow Rick Shaw at Francis Tuttle and see he what he does and how he works. The majority of Rick’s work is to update the schools website so that information on the site is current. His workflow primarily focuses on speed and being able to quickly finish a task so he can move on to the next. When Rick is not maintaining the site he is either doing freelance, or learning new technologies in the web in order to stay on top of new technologies and, keep his knowledge current. Rick’s tools of choice for working are Sublime, Firefox, and a graphical FTP client to navigate the site directories, for his freelance work he uses Asana since it’s free and fulfills the same needs as basecamp. To conclude, I enjoyed job shadowing Rick since it gave me insight into what it’s like to work as a web designer, see the pros and cons of freelancing, and the goals of their workflow.

Thank you to Rick Shaw, and Angel Little for showing me what working in the web professionally is like.


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